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Monograms & Gifts

Yorkie Doodle Embroidery specializes in custom designs, monograms and gifts.

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Our Yorkie & Friends section is for pet and pet lover gifts.
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Pamper your pet with adorable accessories and dress-up gifts!

Embroidered dog beds are fit for your king or queen of the house. Snuggle up to your pooch with matching P.J.s!

Pamper the one you love with a cozy robe and spa blanket after a lavender or peppermint bath, which are natural flea deterrents.

The classic embroidered dog collar and leash on Ultrasuede in many fashionable colors. Ultrasuede harnesses protect your little ones from collapsed trachea problems. All rhinestones are Swarovski crystal.

Dog Treats
Your pet will whine for Barkandy, Sauvignon Bark, Meowlot, and White Sniff 'n Tail. These are tasty flavorings for what would have been a boring meal. The perfect complement would be our signature gourmet dog treats!

Dress Up
For those born with a fur coat, dressing up is fun!